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The Team

Who We Are

All of our trainers are AKC certified and due to new scientific information about canines evolving all of our trainers continually take courses to better serve our clients.  



Founder & CEO

Trinity’s life flipped upside down at the age of 16. She was diagnosed with POTS, MCAS, EDS and hypocalcemia leaving her doctors speechless. When her service dog came into her life, he made having a “normal” life possible. This led to Trinity falling in love with the idea of helping people through these furry companions. She became a first time service dog handler while attending college and interning for a service dog company in California & Colorado. In 2020, she founded K9 Service Companions to share her passion with every team that completes the program. Trinity’s mission is to help people gain companionship & comfort through these wonderful dogs.



Colleen is a military spouse who moved to the springs in 2019. In 2021 Colleen was in a car accident which resulted in a brain injury,  POTS and more. Eventually after mutiple hospital vists, doctors recommended a service dog. She fell in love with the idea of helping people through these amazing dogs. She started interning for K9 Service Companions in 2023. She is basic obedience certified and working towards her service dog and scent detection certifications. 




Carlos served in the United States Navy before joining the Colorado Springs Police Department. The years he spent with CSPD allowed him to gain experience working alongside K9 Units. That is where he found his love and passion for training dogs. He became a certified dog trainer in 2018 and joined the K9 Service Companions team in 2021. His mission is to help veterans feel a sense of independence and confidence after their time serving our country.

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